Praise the Corporate Christmas Overlords: They're Letting You Win a Night in the Coca Cola Lorry

By Tom Pritchard on at

Some people say that the Coca Cola lorry is a Christmas icon, and that it wouldn't be Christmas without it. Others say it's a corporate attempt to take over Christmas, and encourages obesity in the process. Well the latter group won't like this very much, because Coca Cola is letting people win a night inside the iconic lorry.

But before you say anything, the inside has been kitted out with all the usual bedroomy things like beds, a TV, and a Coca Cola brand mini fridge that is (presumably) filled with coke. So it's not like you're jumping into the back of an actual lorry, and slumming it by pretending to be an illegal immigrant.

The night in question is 15th December, the location is Lambeth in London, and there's room for two people to stay over. Inside is fully Cokey and Christmassy, with the listing promising the chance to listen to festive playlists on your phone and watch Christmas films on TV. There'll also be food, stockings filled with presents, and plenty of Coke drinks.

The next day will also come with free tickets to some of London's tourist attractions, including the Coke-sponsored London Eye. All you have to do to enter is explain why you're the ultimate Christmas fan.

So if you love Christmas a lot, or you just want to show off your immense brand loyalty, you should get your entry in here.

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