Rumours Claim the Disney/Fox Takeover Deal is Back On

By Tom Pritchard on at

A few weeks ago we heard news that 21st Century Fox was hoping to sell of a bunch of its assets, having been involved with negotiations with Disney. Those negotiations supposedly broke down before the story broke, but rumour is that both parties are back at the negotiating table.

According to Deadline's Mike Flemming, Disney is "moving speedily" towards a deal that would see it acquire most of Fox's assets. Flemming claims that he's heard the same story we heard before, with the Murdoch family keeping control of Fox's news and sports channels and Disney taking over the rest of the film and TV side.

The decision not to sell the news and sports channels to Disney could be a case of the Murdoch's streamlining their media empire, but it also wouldn't be allowed under US competition rules - since corporations are only allowed to own one broadcast network. Since Disney already owns ABC, it can't purchase another one from Fox.

Flemming believes that if this deal is going to happen, we won't be hearing anything about it until an agreement is reached. Though that shouldn't be surprising, seeing as how businesses generally aren't big on talking about their dealings before there's something worth telling investors.

If true this doesn't necessarily mean that the deal is guaranteed. These things can change at a moment's notice, and seeing as how Sony Entertainment, Verizon, and Comcast (which owns NBCUniversal) have reportedly expressed interest in purchasing Fox. Disney has a lot to gain, though, including a string of rights to both Marvel characters and the first Star Wars film. [Deadline via CBR]

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