Sadiq Khan Confirms London is Getting Unlimited One Hour Bus Hopping

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Transport for London introduced a new system, letting travellers swap buses without incurring extra charges. All they had to do was make sure they get onto the second bus within an hour of tapping into the first one. Now London Mayor Sadiq Khan  confirmed that this feature is getting an expansion.

Starting sometime in early 2018, anyone who taps onto a bus in London will be able to swap buses as many times as they like without being charged. Provided, of course, that they tap onto the new bus within an hour of getting onto the first bus. Wait an hour and one second and you'll have to pay an extra £1.50.

In September it was calculated that around 325,000 bus journeys took advantage of the hopper system each weekday, and now that there are no limits on how many times you can jump around the bus (and tram) system that number might be seeing an increase.

Khan also confirmed that TfL prices would be frozen during 2018, including the tube, DLR, overground, regular rail services, and the Santander bikes. While there's no confirmation that things like monthly Oyster cards and daily caps will also be frozen, it means that travelling through the capital won't be quite as expensive as it could be.

Although it does mean less money for TfL, which means more cuts. That's not going to make the unions very happy. [GRM Daily]

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