Samsung Hopes to Mesmerise Viewers With Three-Minute Washing Machine Close up

By Gary Cutlack on at

The poor old Samsung staff who only ever get to work on boring old washing machines are about to get their turn in the limelight, as in a staggering televisual first one entire advert break is about to be taken over by nothing more than a single shot of a washing machine spinning a load.

It's designed to promote Samsung's QuickDrive washer, which probably does something interesting like wash your pants a bit quicker and better than last year's model or some Beko piece of junk. Hence the need to buy a whole advertising slot on the telly to tell us about it.

It's more than an advert, though; it's art according to Samsung, whose UK domestic appliances boss Mark Seaman said: "...this commercial shines a spotlight on the 'performance' of the machine itself to create a mesmerising spectacle where art meets technology."

The ad is scheduled to screen during Channel 4's Gogglebox this Friday night, and Samsung has also paid some Gogglebox people to tweet about it. [Campaign]