Samsung's Trialling Its Own Genius Bar So It Can Tell You Your Phone Is Screwed In Person

By Tom Pritchard on at

For some reason Apple's Genius Bar seems to resonate with people. Maybe it's the use of the word 'genius' that makes people feel more at ease, or maybe it's because it's the only place you can get Apple products looked at without voiding your warranty. Whatever the reason, Samsung's decided it wants to do something similar. Presumably so it can tell you it's not responsible for fixing your phone in person.

According to a report from Fast Co Design, the Korean electronics titan is teaming up with WeWork to develop 'care centres'. The idea is that you can go down to a single location to have your products looked at, and in the process have a place to sit down and get some work done. That's where WeWork comes into it, since the care centres will be inside existing WeWork locations - but as described as "WeWork on steroids" rather than simply taking over a corner of the workspace.

The pilot scheme is set to take place in Miami, Detroit, and Williamsburg, New York, with potential for further expansion is everything goes well. The downside, however, is that each location will only offer what's being referred to as 'tier 1 service'. Which basically means that the staff will be there to assist you and provide technical support, but actual repairs (aka tier 2 service) will be done off site.

So should the experiment be a success, a Samsung employee can now refuse to fix your phone in person - rather than forcing you to wait two weeks and receive a damning report from an engineer. Because dangerous faults are totally your fault, despite what your insurance company says, and Samsung has every right to refuse to uphold its warranty for no good reason. Yes I'm being sarcastic, and yes that did happen to me. Am I bitter? 100 per cent.

But hey, at least this way the employee can't hang up on you when you complain. [Fast Co Design via The Verge]

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