School Apologises for Foot-Shaming Students

By Gary Cutlack on at

A very worthy and well-meaning social media post from a posh school in Somerset has infuriated parents and drive-by Facebook users, after suggesting there was a link between children wearing nice shoes and their academic performance.

Obviously it has now apologised for the original message, which explained with zero scientific qualifications that: "...those students with the strongest academic progress, those achieving in areas such as sport, music and the arts and those who have helped out and conducted themselves well around school are ‘sharply’ dressed."

They also included some photos of children's feet wearing black shoes in various conditions, with the mad teacher who took the shots suggesting there was a "correlation between success" and wearing shiny black shoes.

Parents said this was discriminatory against mums and dads who can't always afford to have a manservant buff out the scuffs from their beloved's high-end black leather Clarks. The apology said the shoe awareness masterclass had: "...nothing to do with disadvantage or money, and everything to do with the importance of students arriving at school well prepared and ready to learn." [Facebook via BBC]

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