Sodding Millennials Won't Even Get a Round in

By Gary Cutlack on at

When a young person finally stops looking at their phone long enough to head to the bar and get a drink, chances are they'll only come back with one for themselves. The art of getting a round in is dying. Maybe someone needs to build a bloody drink-cost-sharing app so they understand the concept?

This comes from the latest survey from the endlessly surveying survey monkeys YouGov, which looked at the pub etiquette habits of the nation. Pleasingly, it found that people of all ages would happily admit to not being next in line if the bar person tries to serve them before someone who's been waiting longer, which is nice.

The act of buying "a round" though -- where members of the group takes turns to load up on drinks for everyone, in case you're pretending not to know because your turn appears imminent -- seems to be dying out. The chart atop the page shows how young folk would rather sneak off and come back with just the one drink for themselves, whereas the older people get the more likely they are to offer everyone a drink. Probably because they bought a house in the 1980s and therefore have more money than they know what to do with now, so drinks are on Steve's dad.

It's more than Young People Are Poor, though, as even adjusting for salary YouGov says 62 per cent of the 65-and-overs would prefer to get a round in, against just 26 per cent of theĀ 18-24s. Maybe they see carrying as beneath them? [YouGov]

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