Sony's Pet Dog for the Super Rich Returns

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's revealed a redesigned version of its Aibo project, the robotic dog of yesteryear. The time is nigh for a comeback, says Sony boss Kaz Hirai, as a perfect storm of better battery life, internet connectivity and the chance to put the modern buzzwords "artificial" and "intelligence" on the thing's box has arrived.

The new Aibo is vastly more dog-like in appearance than the previous unit, as it's been rounded off to better resemble a little puppy. The price tag is still every bit as astronomical as it was in the early 2000s, mind, with a Japanese RRP of around £1,300.

Aibo has OLED screens for eyes nowadays, eyes that can display its feelings, although it might be better to not give it feelings at all, as it's going to be sad most of the time because it's internet connected now as well. It has a camera in its cute little nose too. It's going to be huge among wealthy social media influencers. [Guardian]

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