Spitting Image Could Come Back as an American Remake

By Tom Pritchard on at

Politics is always good for comedy, because the politicians offer so much ammunition for others to take the piss out of them. Especially that Twitter-loving git in the White House. One of the best examples was Spitting Image, though it hasn't appeared on TV screens since 1996. That might change, however, because of the Americans.

Americans are very fond of remaking foreign TV shows, but barring a handful of examples they're usually quite unsuccessful. That doesn't deter them from continuing to try, however, and Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law says he's been approached by NBC to remake the show in the States. The show would feature US writers, though the puppets would continue to be made in the UK.

It would be the perfect opportunity to utilise the newly-made Donald Trump puppet (above), which is going on display at an exhibition of Law's work in Norwich. Though, if I'm perfectly honest, it doesn't look like much of a caricature. Certainly not as much as the other puppets from back in the day.

ITV had attempted to restart the show here in the UK back in 2006, but those plans were cancelled after the network made puppets of Ant & Dec for a documentary without Law's permission - leading the a falling out between him and the network. These days he says that he doesn't want to relaunch the series in the UK, but was tempted by a US version "because of Trump".

I would love to see how Trump reacts to a puppet parody of himself, seeing as how the president supposedly watches six hours of television a day. After seeing his apparent Fury over Alec Baldwin's portrayal, I can definitely see the puppet striking a nerve.

The exhibition is set to begin tomorrow at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, featuring a retrospective of all of Law's work - not just his time on Spitting Image. Some of the classic puppets will be on display (alongside Mr Trump), but it will also include things like his ceramics work that has seen him established in Jingdezhen, one of the most famous porcelain centres in China. Tickets cost £7 (£6 concessions), and you can find out more here. [BBC News | The Scotsman]

Featured image copyright: Sainsbury Centre and Avalon. Used with permission

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