Star Wars Fans Found the Millennium Falcon in a Field Again, This Time in Surrey

By Tom Pritchard on at

No matter how hard they try, people just can't stop accidentally stumbling across the Star Wars' Millennium Falcon in random parts of the countryside. First Urban Explorers stumbled across the famous ship during filming last May, some others have found the ship casually chilling out in a field in Surrey.

Well they didn't come across it in person, but the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy was spotted on Google Earth. It was just acting casual, sitting in a field next to Barrows Hills Golf Club. It appears to be obscured from view with shipping containers and tarpaulin, which probably explains why nobody has spotted it from the adjacent main road.

The Golf Club also happens to be right next to Longcross Film Studios, where some of the filming for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi took place. It's also about half an hour away from Pinewood Studios, where The Force Awakens and Solo were filmed. Presumably there was some spare land available, meaning they could stash the ship away until they're ready to start filming Episode IX. 

Not that it'll stay there for long, now that fans know where it's being kept. Not that we'd recommend going to check it our for yourself. Best case scenario is that there's security there to stop you from tarnishing Han's precious ship. Worst case, you get arrested for trespassing. So, you know, don't go. [Get Surrey]

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