Still Got Some Old Pound Coins? Take Them to Iceland

By Tom Pritchard on at

The pound coin switcheroo was nearly a month ago now, and all the shops and supermarkets that announced they'd continue to take them after the deadline have stopped. Or most of them have, since Iceland will continue to accept them until the end of the year.

Originally the supermarket had promised to accept the old rounded pound coins until the end of October, but has now extended that deadline. Instead New Year's Eve will be the last day it accepts the coins, meaning you can use them to buy some frozen prawns or whatever else they sell there.

This move affects all Iceland and The Food Warehouse stores, while The Guardian also reports that toy shop The Entertainer will continue to accept the old coins until the end of the year.

The Royal Mint estimates that around £450 million has been lost since the pound coin switchover, which might explain why Iceland has extended the spending window. So seriously, if you still have some of the old pound coins you should get them spent ASAP. Or give them to charity. It is November after all, and the Royal British Legion has said it will accept the old pound coins until Remembrance Sunday (12th November). [House Beautiful UK]

Featured image: Paul Miller/Flickr

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