Student Travels from London to Edinburgh (via Poland, Berlin and Glasgow)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A student who wanted to travel between London and Edinburgh was so horrified about the price of a train ticket that he decided to fly instead. There's nothing particularly amazing about that anecdote, until you get to the bit where he reveals that he flew via Poland, Berlin and Glasgow to spite the rail companies.

William Stein didn't want to pay £80 or so for the train, so planned to fly from Stansted to Edinburgh via Poland's Szczecin airport for just £21.95. Only it wasn't that simple. Ryanair cancelled the leg from Szczecin to Edinburgh, presumably because he was the only one on it, and gave Stein a £40 compensation voucher instead. So he used this to get a flight from Berlin to Glasgow, and paid £7 to take a bus from Szczecin to Berlin.

Anyway, it all gets a bit convoluted after this and involves the ever-boring stories of a student sleeping on the sofas of friends, so is cheating and you can't do that with a family of four. But the point is he spent £97.76 and saw (the airports of) four cities for little more than the price of a one-way train ticket. So well done. Stop going on about it now though. [MSN]

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