Supermarkets Back Plastic Bottle Deposit Scheme

By Gary Cutlack on at

Greenpeace has been troubling the UK supermarkets for their opinions on whether or not a Scottish/English/Welsh or UK-wide plastic bottle scheme would have their support, and a couple of them committed to the idea with an unequivocal yes.

Both Iceland and the Co-op said they'd fully back a deposit return system for plastic bottles were one to be introduced, probably because everyone got a bit teary over David Attenborough's recent stern tellings off about letting plastic drift into the sea and therefore, eventually, our fish fingers. And what would Iceland be without fish fingers?

The government's considering the results of a recent consultation on the matter right now, with Greenpeace clearly hoping its surveying might help swing things in favour of a plastic bottle price attack.

As for the other supermarkets, Morrisons said it's worried about the cost of implementing such a scheme, Sainsbury's says plastic bottles are only a small part of the waste mountain, M&S says it's an idea worth considering, and Aldi and Lidl seem mildly in the Against lobby. [Guardian]

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