Teachers Cheat by Whispering Answers to Lift Pupil Results

By Gary Cutlack on at

The stress of getting decent exam results doesn't only encourage students to cheat — their teachers are doing it too.

Cases of teachers caught helping their students in order to make themselves look good have risen of late, with stats showing that 388 penalties for excessive teacher intervention were handed out last year; four times as many as comparable figures from four years earlier show.

Teachers have been rumbled whispering answers, doing so much to improve students' heavily weighted coursework during the year that they ought to have a co-writer's credit, and giving kids extra time in exams. All so they score higher and Mr Purvis or whatever all teachers are called nowadays appears to have taught them better.

Report author Julian Astle told The Times that: "Our school system, with its focus on tests, targets, league tables and inspections, is full of unintended consequences and perverse incentives. It has become such a game that it is forcing teachers and school leaders to choose between helping pupils and helping themselves." [The Times]

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