The 16-25 Railcard Age Limit Might be Getting an Increase

By Tom Pritchard on at

I no longer have a rail card. It's sad, but now I have to pay full price for all my tickets because I'm over the age of 25. There was hope with the announcement of a 'millenial' railcard a few weeks ago, but now that might not even need to happen. Word is that the the age limit on the regular 16-25 railcard might be getting increased.

Apparently Chancellor Phillip Hammnd is trying to curt the millennial vote, and word is that next week's budget will see him announce that people up to the age of 30 will be able to gain 'young person' status and buy themselves a railcard. That's according to The Sun anyway.

Apparently you'll only be able to buy a railcard up to the age of 30, but because of the way getting one works you will be able to continue using it until your 32nd birthday if you plan ahead. It's expected that the move would help an additional two million people, which is especially helpful given the 3.9 per cent price hike hitting rail travel in the new year. Railcards still don't affect season ticket prices, though, which is pretty shit. [The Sun via Metro]

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