The BBC Goes Big on VR With Dedicated Studio

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC now has some people in a room with responsibility for pushing VR, thanks to the launch of a standalone VR production division it's calling the VR Hub.

The VR Hub's aim is to coordinate output from the BBC's variety of producers, working to create "...a small number of high impact pieces" that cherry pick the best options from across its many genres for VR immersion. The unit's commissioning head Zillah Watson said: "Having cracked every new content delivery mechanism since radio in 1922, we are excited about the potential of VR and the ways in which it could enrich the lives of our audiences. With the credibility and trust the BBC has, along with the size of our audience and intimate understanding we have of them, the BBC can play a crucial role in bringing Virtual Reality into the mainstream."

Also in BBC/VR news that's extremely relevant to you, dear demographic, the broadcaster has released a new VR experience for the main VR headsets it calls Home – A VR Spacewalk, the corporation's first little 3D thing to appear on HTC's VIVE unit. [BBC]

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