The BBC is Going to Stream Another 1,000 Hours of Live Sport Each Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

There is a lot of live sport going on in the world. Countless sports, with even more teams, all competing together for whatever coveted title is at the top of their respective league tables. There's so much that a lot of it doesn't get the chance to be broadcast, though the BBC's pledge to stream a further 1,000 hours of live sport every year means there'll be more on offer than ever before.

According to the BBC the new sporting coverage will be available through iPlayer and the BBC Sport app, utilising BBC Me to let people personalise what they see across all their devices. It'll include an additional 30 sports and sporting events, with the Beeb collaborating with professional sporting bodies like the FA, the All England Lawn Tennis Club, the International Tennis Federation, British Swimming, and British Basketball.

So what does that mean? Well for starters more sports for people to enjoy, and exposure to teams and players that normally wouldn't make it to broadcast television. The BBC also promises that more early-stage games from big tournaments like the FA Cup are on the agenda, alongside smaller things like  Women’s Super League Football, the British Basketball League, and Wheelchair Tennis.

The new move is made possible by the decreasing cost of livestreaming, with technology allowing the corporation to broadcast hundreds of additional hours of footage each day. The BBC also announced that this new plan will involve working with sporting bodies, offering technology, training, and expertise to help the sports grow and reach new audiences.

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