The Grand Tour is a Record Breaker, as Jeremy Clarkson Breaks a Water Speed Record

By Tom Pritchard on at

Well it looks like The Grand Tour will join Top Gear as a record-breaking car show, after Jeremy Clarkson broke a water speed record while filming.

Even though the show is set to return to Amazon Prime on 8th December, there's still plenty of filming that needs to be done. On Wednesday the team was up at Coniston in the Lake District, where Clarkson took the wheel of a modified Bond Bug car. The idea was to try and break a record as part of Power Boat Record Week.

And unlike the first several times he attempted to cross the English Channel in a car, he was successful. Clarkson got the car up a speed of 47.81 miles an hour, breaking the water speed record for ‘experimental amphibious unlimited class’.

The Bond Big car itself had been modified with retractable wheels and a jet ski specially for the attempt.

Powerboat Records Week is designed to bring boats of all classifications together, all attempting to break powerboat records over the course of the week. According to ITV News 19 records were broken in the first two days of this year's event, which is damn impressive if you ask me.

One of those, presumably, was Clarkson's. You can see some more pictures of that at the source. [North West Evening Mail]

Featured image: Christ West/North West Evening Mail

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