The iPhone X is Indisputably Better Than the Samsung Galaxy S8... At Breaking

By Tom Pritchard on at

The iPhone X has just come out, and with it comes all the arguments about whether it's actually the best phone. Well I am here to tell you that the iPhone X is indisputably the best phone out there, but only if you're only counting its ability to break. Apparently this phone s very fragile.

Earlier this year extended-warranty service provider SquareTrade did some extensive testing on Samsung's Galaxy S8, with the intention of seeing just how fragile the phone really was. It was given a score of 77/100, which led the company to declare that the phone was the most fragile handset ever.

Apple, not one to be outdone by Samsung of all people, must have seen that as a challenge. SquareTrade did the same type of testing on the new iPhone X, and that came out with a score of 90.

That's, well, holy shit. You can watch the video for yourself right here.

A six foot drop test seems rather harsh, since most people won't drop their phone from such a height, it does show how easy it is to break an iPhone X. The best outcome was the back drop test, since that only smashed the rear glass plate. The rest, though... Those will cripple your phone.

Squaretrade also rated the phone based on repairs, noting that the iPhone X's display is very expensive to fix (more than half the cost of the phone itself) and is incredibly difficult to repair without Apple's help. Hence the high score.

It should go without saying this far in, but if you're buying a smartphone keep it in a case - especially when you just dropped a grand on it. And get a good case while you're at it, not a clip-on plastic sleeve that looks nice. Phones are expensive to buy, expensive to fix, and if you drop your phone as much as I drop mine that case is well worth the money. It's also cheaper than a year's AppleCare+. [TechRadar]

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