The Latest Last Jedi TV Spot Proves *That Scene* Isn't What it Appears

By Tom Pritchard on at

We are less than a month away from the release of Star Wars Episode 8, better known as The Last Jedi. That means the marketing blitz is going into overdrive, teasing the events of the film and showing us brief clips of new footage. A new one got released today, with some potentially spoilery details about a potentially spoilery thing in the last big trailer.

When the last big trailer was released, it ended with a shocking scene that looks as though Rey might be tempted to join forces with Kylo Ren.

As I noted in my analysis of the last trailer, the scenes and the lighting don't quite add up. Tat means it was probably cut to make it look like it was revealing a huge spoiler and that Rey might be tempted to turn. But the latest TV spot paints a different picture:

Jump to 39 seconds in, where Rey says "Keylo failed you, I won't". Then compare it to the above scene from the first trailer. Here are some images to help you out:

You can't see the background in the older scene, but everything else is identical: Rey's clothing, her hairstyle (we know it changes, so that's another spoiler for you), but more importantly the lighting. So don't worry people, Rey was just talking to Luke. She won't be turning to the dark side anytime soon. or at least she won't in this scene.

Now the question is, who is Kylo extending his arm to? It literally could be anyone, and we're going to have to be patient to find out.

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