The Mr Men All Die Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

The famous Mr Men characters, beloved of children and parents for nearly 40 years even though some of the books are fairly terrible, are about to be marched cheerily off up the hill to Slaughterhouse Land by current rights holder Egmont. It has reworked some of the more popular books into ironic versions to be given to your wacky mate for Christmas.

For example, Mr Greedy, previously a simple metaphor for not getting too fat when you're old enough to make your own food choices, is now called Mr Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean, and, although we have not seen inside the cover, we have this kind of sixth sense tingle feeling telling us that it's going to be about as funny as reading the news while a surgeon operates on your brain under local anaesthetic.

Other ironic reworkings of the classic illustrations to be released today include Mr Happy and the Office PartyLittle Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood and Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating, all perfectly pitched to be stocking-fillers for the unaware demographic-filling idiot in your life.

Sadly they wimped out by not doing one about Mr Tickle inappropriately touching women after a couple of pints of confidence juice. [Amazon]

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