The Razer Phone is Available to Pre-Order, Exclusive to Three

By Tom Pritchard on at

Razer unveiled its very first smartphone to the world earlier this week, and if you decided it's the kind of phone you need in your life there's some good news. The phone is available to pre-order now, but you'll have to go to Three to get it for now.

Three confirmed that the phone is only a launch exclusive, so it might be available on other networks in the near future. Razer is also selling the phone directly, from its own website, but pre-orders don't seem to have opened yet.

The phone is currently available on 24 month three contracts, each coming with unlimited minutes and texts. Though, naturally, how much data you opt for will determine how much you pay. 12GB of data is £41 a month, 30GB is £45 a month, and 100GB is £49 a month.

If you'd rather skip the contract, it'll be available SIM free for £650 or with a PAYG SIM card for £605 (£595 plus £10 top up).

Three has confirmed it will have the standard Black model of the phone available, alongside the limited edition model that features the classic green Razer logo. The network is also making its Go Binge and Go Roam perks available to anyone who buys one, letting them use their allowances in over 60 countries across the world and stream from popular services (including Netflix and Apple Music) without using up their data allowance.

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