There's no Meat in the Greggs Advent Calendar

By Gary Cutlack on at

Greggs, the sausage roll shop, has produced an advent calendar. Sadly it doesn't contain any foodstuffs, as you'd have to keep it refrigerated and you wouldn't really want to eat a four week old sausage product on Christmas Eve anyway.

What they've done is to put discount vouchers for food and drink — and terrible ironic photos of foods inserted into festive scenes — behind each window, so owners get to enjoy the thrill of paying with a token at lunch time.

Acknowledging the fact that it sounds like a weird joke made real, a Greggs spokesperson said: "Novelty advent calendars have been around for years, so we thought it was time to take the concept up a notch. Fans won’t be disappointed by what’s behind the doors - there’s a delicious Greggs gift to enjoy every day of the December advent season, from sausage rolls to Christmas sandwiches and of course our infamous Festive Bake."

Apparently it's a sound investment, as the calendars cost £24 and there's said to be £35 worth of discount vouchers inside it — if you take up your full 24-day allowance — plus there's the chance of picking up one of a few with £25 vouchers behind the Christmas Eve super door. They go on sale in selected branches in more ironic and understanding parts of the country from November 20th. [Greggs]

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