Today is Probably the Only Day You'll Get The Lego Death Star for a More Reasonable Price

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year Lego went ahead to re-release the giant Lego Death Star set, after discontinuing the model from 2008 a few years earlier. The only problem was that it cost over £100 more, despite not having many extra pieces, then suffered a £10 price hike earlier this year.

If you were like me and thought £410 was a a rip off, but always wanted to add the set to your collection, you should know that Lego has discounted the set to a more reasonable price for Black Friday.

Don't get any ideas wen I say more reasonable, however, because at £328 the set certainly isn't cheap. But it's £82/20 per cent less than the RRP, which makes it a much more justifiable purchase for the intrepid Lego fan who has that kind of money lying around. I mean, it's the Death Star, and if you don't have one why wouldn't you not want to add this to your collection? It's got over 4,000 pieces, 23 minifigures, two droids, a miniature version of Darth Vader's TIE fighter, and various scenes from Star Wars Episodes IV and VI.

The discount is valid online and in Lego stores while stocks last, but since it's only for today you need to make a decision before midnight. If you dismiss the sale then change your mind tomorrow, you'll have to pay full price and other sets are on sale for the duration of the Black Friday period (because that's a thing now).

Lego will also be revealing new daily discounts until the 27th, so make sure to keep checking the site to see what's on offer. They probably won't beat this, though. Not unless Lego magically gets the UCS Millennium Falcon back in stock and knocks 20 per cent off that.

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