Top Gear is Causing Chaos on Countryfile

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tractors aren't really the kind of thing you'd think of when someone mentions Top Gear, even though they have been featured in the past. While the new series of the show isn't due to arrive until sometime next year, we already know that the tractors are coming back. And Countryfile is coming along for the ride.

According to the folks at Top Gear itself, the show has gatecrashed the BBC's well known countryside-loving series and "ruined it". All because The Stig was driving around causing chaos in a tractor powered by a V8 engine.

The trio of presenters (Le Blanc, Harris, and Reid) decided that the biggest problem on Britain's road isn't the caravan or people driving 40mph in a national speed limit zone, it's the tractor. They take up a lot of space, trundle along at absurdly slow speeds, and if the traffic is bad then nobody can get past them.

So they figured it was time to fix the problem, and had Le Blanc install Chevy a 500-horsepower V8 engine into a tractor. Then they gave it to The Stig, who isn't known for squandering an engine's potential. The problem is that The Stig did his testing on the farm Countryfile was filming at, and made a right nuisance of himself.

He married to soak Ellie Harrison during a high speed run, and while John Craven was trying to talk to the camera the only thing you could here was the roar of the tractor's engine behind him.

Footage of the totally-not-staged crossover will air on Top Gear and Countryfile sometime next year. [Top Gear]

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