Traffic Lights are Coming to a Motorway Near You

By Tom Pritchard on at

Highways England wants to do something about all the congestion on the motorways, so it's doing the most sensible thing possible. No, not improving public transport or building more motorways, it's introducing traffic lights for the first time ever.

Barring the lights on sliproads, however, because they've been around for ages to counter the fact at least half of the driving population don't know how sliproads actually work.

This is a £7 million trial that's set to take place at the Croft interchange, where junction 21A of the M6 meets junction 10 of the M62 near Warrington. That's going east towards Manchester if anyone cares. It rolls out next month, with the traffic lights operating during peak hours - that's alongside reduced speed limits. Following this initial installation, traffic lights will also be added to the link road where the M6 and M62 meet in January. Again, that's eastbound, so if you're going towards Liverpool and not coming back you should miss them.

It's not clear what peak hours are, which is further confused by the fact that the M62 is always fucking busy. I suppose that's what makes it the perfect place to test this fantastical new idea.

Apparently congestion costs the UK economy £9 billion every year, so if this trial is successful at easing congestion then it's going to get rolled out to other link roads nationwide. [Auto Express]

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