Twitter Now Has Explanations on What Will Get You Banned

By Tom Pritchard on at

To say Twitter is not very good at dealing with abuse on its platform is an understatement, especially when that abuse comes from an orange dipshit with delusions of grandeur. In addition to rolling out new tools to help fight abuse, the platform has just released a guide on what will force the moderators to ban you.

Twitter's safety team has published the updated rules to clarify the company's policies regarding user behaviour. While the actual rules themselves haven't changed, this is Twitter doing its best to be clear and transparent. That includes definitions of what Twitter considers to be abusive behaviour, spam, self-harm, graphic violence, and adult content.

For instance, when it comes to abusive behaviour Twitter emphasises that context is crucial to the whole situation, but harassment, intimidation, or using fear to silence another user isn't acceptable. Threats of violence are also not acceptable, unless, of course, that threat will be delivered by a nuclear-armed ballistic missile.

While there is a lot to get through, and it's well worth reading in full, this is only the first stage of what Twitter has planned. More in depth guidelines are due to be released later this month, and hopefully there are plans to enforce the rules across the platform. Rules are great, but if people don't face the consequences of ignoring them then there's nothing stopping them from doing whatever shitty things they're doing. [Twitter via Engadget]

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