Two Storey Subterranean Cold War Super Basement For Sale

By Gary Cutlack on at

A fantastic underground survivalist retreat is up for sale, should you think it prudent to see out the end of 2017 in a nuclear bomb-proof facility in Scotland.

The Raigmore Bunker, as it's known, dates back to WWII, when it was built to keep officials safe from the bombs of the day, with this remaining building then housing RAF communications teams tasked with analysing radar data and plotting potential incoming threats. It was later upgraded to nuclear and biological weapon-proof status during the Cold War, remaining operational until recently as the Emergency Centre for the Highland Area.

But now it's for sale. Above ground, buyers get a tarmacadam car park, shed, and phone mast. Underground it's significantly more thrilling (as BBC photos from 2012 show), where you get tables, a menacing atmosphere, some nice looking original Anglepoise lamps, and a bizarre backup ventilation system powered by pedalling two converted bicycles, ideal for sitting in and worrying about wars while on the internet enjoying free pornography.

The sale particulars must have been fun for the estate agent to write for once, as they explain: "During 1980's the facility was enhanced to enable it to withstand Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attacks. As a result the premises now benefits from blast sealed doors, decontamination facilities, two diesel generators to power the property and an air filtration system to provide safe air in the event of Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attack."

No conservatory, though. [BBC]

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