Vodafone Caps Pay As You Go Charges, So You Don't Pay More Than £1 a Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

I don't really know anyone who's on Pay As You Go these days. With the ubiquity of mobile data, and the charges I've seen associated with off-contract data, PAYG doesn't seem like a particularly good idea. At least it's not for the way I use my phone, and there are plenty of people who feel differently. Vodafone might have ditched the slogan 'Power To You', but its latest announcement seems quite in line with that.

The network has announced something called Pay as you go 1, which launches on November 10th. The basic gist of it means that if you have a PAYG phone, you won't be charged more than £1 a day when you use it. It's designed for people who only use their phone sporadically, and ensures that they don't run out of credit when they need it.

So when you use your phone you can do whatever you like with what you've got, but once you reach the £1 threshold you stop paying - giving you unlimited calls and texts, plus 500MB of data for the rest of the day.

Getting to that £1 threshold won't be that difficult, though. 20p is the base charge for everything, including every minute of talk time, every text message spent, and every 5MB of data you use. That's... pretty damn expensive if you ask me. Sure the cap's in place, but it's worth considering if you're shopping around for PAYG deals.

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