Vodafone Enters the World of IoT with 'V by Vodafone'

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone wants to get into the Internet of Things now, despite the crippling security flaws that continue to plague the sector, and Vodafone is apparently no exception. It's launching a new IoT platform called V by Vodafone, and with it comes four new connected devices.

First up is V-Auto (£80) which plugs into a cars OBD port and acts as an emergency communication tool. If you're in an accident it will let you call emergency services. It can also be used as a GPS tracker should your car go missing, and it monitors your driving to give you a safety score after each trip.

On top of that there's V-Camera (£339) which continually records when connected to a 3G or 4G network, V-Pet (£50) which tracks your pet's physical location and activity, and finally V-Bag (£59), which is a tracker for your bag that notifies you if it leaves a pre-set designated area.

Each device has its own SIM card (powered by Vodafone, naturally), and can be managed via a companion app on your phone. In addition to the up front cost, each device will cost an additional £4 a month (added to your bill), except the V-bag which is £3 a month.

Each device can be purchase in-store or online, and Vodafone has promised that more IoT devices will be made available over the course of next year. What, though, has yet to be revealed. [Pocket Lint]

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