Want a Nintendo Switch? Amazon's Got the Best Black Friday Deal

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite what Microsoft would like, 2017's best console is obviously the Nintendo Switch - that thing that's been so popular retailers struggled to keep it in stock for a while. Despite Nintendo saying it wouldn't be approving any Black Friday price drops, some retailers have put the hybrid console on sale anyway. But if you're looking for a deal, Amazon might have the best ones for you.

Currently there is one bundle offering a Switch console with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for £280. That's the standard RRP for the console on its own, but with a game thrown in at no extra cost. Normally a console/game bundle with a Nintendo game would cost you at least £310. So obviously that's a great deal! Even if it's technically on back-order right now.

There was another, similar bundle up at midnight, but has since sold out. It's £280 again, but instead of the Rabbids game you get the recently released Super Mario Odyssey. Amazon have informed us that this bundle will be back as a Lightning Deal at 3pm, so if you prefer to play as Mario flying solo (rather than teaming up with demented rabbits) this is definitely something to keep an eye out for. That bundle is available right now for £309, but if you hold on until 3pm you can save yourself nearly £30.

If you just want the Switch on its own, Amazon is selling it for £270 - which is £10 off the RRP.

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