Welsh Boozers Face Breath Tests Before Being Allowed to Buy More

By Gary Cutlack on at

People trying to buy more booze in Cardiff might find themselves being asked to blow into something unusual before they're served, with a handful of shops in the worst alcohol-apocalypse-hit parts of the town centre using breathalysers to check their shoppers' drunkenness levels first.

The scheme is being organised by local police, who have handed out the breathalysers to a few off-licences and shops in the central part of the city, as part of a clean-up initiative known as Operation Purple Ash. A couple of Spar shops in Cardiff were first to use the devices as part of a trial, with owner Rohat Hamed telling The Times: "We've used it hundreds of times -- we just grab it and if anybody who tries to buy alcohol looks drunk we tell them to blow into it. Some people have given us abuse when we use it because they must think that they’re above the law."

Which they aren't, as so far 18 people have been arrested and 40 alcoholic drinks confiscated. [The Times]

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