Aldi Experiments With Interviewing People in the Dark

By Gary Cutlack on at

German supermarket incomer Aldi has had an idea on how to put aside potential age and appearance prejudices that may influence job interviews -- chat to candidates in the dark.

It put this test into practise at a recent jobs fair in Germany, when a recruiter installed himself and asked -- hopefully not terrified -- potential candidates to come inside for a chat and, if that goes well, an innocent cuddle. As well as helping the interviewer to form conclusions not entirely based on the looks of the candidate, it apparently helps the interviewee too, as being interviewed by an invisible presence reduced nervousness on the part of the candidates.

An HR manager from Aldi explained: "We want a discussion without prejudices -- neither on the part of the applicants nor on the part of the company," although you're still going to be in trouble if the job involves heavy lifting and you sound like a woman. All interviews to be conducted in the dark AND with voice-changer boxes, please. [Business Insider]