Amazon Could be Investigated for Late Prime Deliveries

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you sign up for Amazon Prime the main perk you get is unlimited free next day delivery, provided you order before a certain point in the day. The problem is some people have been complaining Amazon hasn't managed to achieve that, and it could mean an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority.

A spokesperson for the ASA has confirmed it has received five complaints about Prime orders arriving late since the start of the month, and are currently considering whether an investigation is required. Amazon's website says that Prime deliveries should arrive a day after dispatch and that customers should contact customer service if it doesn't arrive on time.

Consumer rights group Which? has pointed out that if you've paid for delivery by a certain date or time then late deliveries do count as a breach of contract. If it was essential that the delivery arrive by that point, customers have the right to terminate the purchase and get a full refund.

Amazon Prime is £8 a month, or £80 for the full year, and comes with a bunch of other perks like access to Prime Video, no minimum spend for free delivery, and exclusive offers. The one day delivery also means that people can order as late as 23rd December and still get the delivery before Christmas day. Standard deliveries, on the other hand, have to be made by this Wednesday (20th).

Meanwhile if your Prime orders do arrive late, make sure to complain about it. Amazon's go-to apology always seems to be a free 30 day extension to your subscription. [BBC News]

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