Amazon UK Resorts to Driving Around in a Van Selling Speakers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apparently there's a thing in America where Amazon drives a lorry about town, a bit like the Coca-Cola lorry, only with consumer electronics and food inside it. They're bringing it over here now too, so get ready to have the life sucked out of you by the misery of the Treasure Truck -- the Black Friday that turns up outside your house playing a little tune.

"WHAT'S ON THE TRUCK TODAY?" is the question children are supposed to excitedly ask their parents when the lorry rolls into their downtrodden district on the scheduled day, as the big thing about the Treasure Truck is that it only sells one item at a time -- and it changes each day. So if you're lucky it's the solid-state hard drive day; if you're unlucky it's a load of comfort blankets for dogs or, even worse, Bluetooth speakers.

Amazon says buyers can expect deals to include food and even some video game offers, plus it's using an image of a Nintendo Switch on its advertising for the promotion, which would incite riots should it trundle into town full of consoles for £30 off the RRP.

Deals are advertised within Amazon's own app, so get that and wait. London and Manchester are the first places scheduled for a visit from the consumerism vehicle, with more destinations to be announced. [Treasure Truck]

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