Amazon's Echo Buttons Are Now Available in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Echo brand isn't going to die anytime soon, particularly with news that Amazon has sold three times more smart speakers than Google (even though it had a very big head start). Well the Echo brand is getting a new addition today, sort of. Amazon is finally bringing the previously-announced Echo Buttons to the UK.

Echo Buttons are designed to make Alexa fun, letting you play interactive games with Amazon's virtual assistant. Each one connects to an Echo device via Bluetooth, and the big illuminated button lets you interact with whatever Alexa is saying. Obviously how the interaction works depends on the game you're playing, and there are a few of them to choose from.

They're available in packs of two for £19.99.

The games available at launch are Trivial Escape Tap (a Trivial Pursuit clone), Party Foul (one for trying to predict your friends' answers), and Button Monte (a test that sees you try to match button-press speed with your opponents). Games called Dungeon EscapeDon’t Cut That Wire, and Beat the Intro are coming in the future, tough more specific gameplay details haven't been revealed yet.

If you want to add the Echo Buttons to your Christmas/Boxing day you'll have to be quick about it. Tomorrow is the last day you can choose Amazon's regular delivery and guarantee their arrival before Christmas Day, though choosing Prime delivery gives you until some point on Saturday (23rd).

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