Big Expensive British Floating Thing Has a Hole in it

By Gary Cutlack on at

A very expensive thing designed to do one job has a flaw in it that stops it doing that job very well. It's yet another perfect metaphor for the state of the nation in 2017.

The big, expensive floating thing is HMS Queen Elizabeth, the aircraft carrier launched with much fanfare earlier in the year. The hole is an ineffective seal around one of its propellor shafts, which is reported to be letting in 200 litres of water every hour. That would take maybe a decade or two to sink the entire ship given its cavernous size, but still. Navy men are running around with mops and buckets, we imagine, stemming the flood, like it's the 1800s and Napoleon's just got lucky with a canon.

It's apparently not that serious a thing in naval terms, as the ship will continue operations as usual despite the leak, although it'll need to pop in for repairs at some point -- not what you want your massively expensive new forthcoming flagship roving war machine to have to do within months of first taking to the seas. [BBC]

Image credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0 / Brian Burnell

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