Birmingham Bus Driver Only Went and Bloody Did it

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bus driver in Birmingham has bloody done it. He's actually done it. He really, really did it. It's hard to believe, but he did. He did it! The amazing man. The bloody idiot.

The driver literally drove a double decker bus through a tunnel that wasn't high enough for it, cleanly slicing the entire roof off. It didn't just crumple up a bit and get the bus stuck -- the roof came off all neatly and in one piece, like someone has taken the top off a Lego version of the scene to add in a few disassembled minifigures to act as victims. A perfect de-roofing. A comic book scene made real. It is both well done and a terrible thing.

We can laugh because no one was injured. We can use the images because they were posted on Facebook by Birmingham resident Amy Tunney, who said: "So a bus just drove under Bournville Lane bridge and took the top clean off ... only just stopped shaking, the bang was incredible. Thankfully driver was ok and no passengers on."

A paramedic posted some lovely photos of the roof on the road too. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Facebook