Birmingham Wins Bids to Host 2022 Commonwealth Games By Default

By Tom Pritchard on at

Following in the footstep of Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, and Cardiff, it's been announced that Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games in 2022. It was also the only city to apply, so it basically ran unopposed and won the bid by default. The two sweetest words in the English language...

Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) initially deemed Birmingham unsuitable to host the games, and gave other cities until 30th November to submit their own applications. None of them did, however, with the CGF claiming that it needed "further clarification on issues" before making a final decision. According to the BBC Birmingham is expected to be officially announced as the winner later today.

The BBC notes that the decision surrounding the 2022 games hasn't exactly gone smoothly, with South African city Durban  originally awarded the right to host back in 2015 - only for the CGF to decide it didn't actually match the right criteria and was therefore unsuitable. Liverpool had also attempted to launch its own bid, but lost out to Birmingham as the UK's candidate city. Birmingham subsequently received backing from the Government.

The games are expected to cost £750 million, with Birmingham promising to build the country's largest permanent athletics stadium which will be supplemented by four of the city's indoor arenas. [BBC News]

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