Black Friday Boosts the UK's Bottom Line

By Gary Cutlack on at

The online free-for-all that is Black Friday is now so ingrained in society that it's having a noticeable impact upon the UK's sales figures, with November's national accounts spiking upwards because of everyone buying Bluetooth speakers they don't really need.

According to the Office for National Statistics, sales growth for November was at 1.1 per cent, against gloomy forecasts that it would be just 0.4 per cent. This is partly down to fiery sales in the electricals departments of the nation, with an ONS spokesperson adding: "Household goods stores had a good November, with a number of businesses saying that Black Friday promotions boosted sales."

And the ONS data doesn't include the following Cyber Monday sales either, so we may have blown even more than thought on discounted pet blankets, last season's fashionable vaping flavours and all the other assorted tat that gets dusted off, hoisted up and sold under the Black Friday banner. [Sky News]