Britain's Favourite Biscuit is *Drum Roll* The Chocolate Digestive

By Tom Pritchard on at

People have probably been arguing about which biscuit is best for centuries now, because everyone has a different idea of what makes a biscuit good. Well you can stop arguing, because we've just found out which biscuit is best. And by best I mean most popular.

It's the chocolate digestive. Well, it's the one voted the best by people who watch Channel 5, closely followed by chocolate hobnobs, jammie dodgers, custard cremes, and shortbread.

The show, aptly titled Britain's Favourite Biscuit, also debated whether the chocolate layer of a digestive was on the top or bottom, and which biscuit is best for dunking. Shockingly it's Peter Kay's favourite choice (the hobnob), it's actually the ginger nut. It might have something to do with the fact that dunking them is the only way to eat a load of them without irritating your throat and coughing - or is that just me?

Obviously this is just a poll, and doesn't represent literally everyone in the country. So there's a very good chance that, like me, you think that chocolate digestives should burn in hell and be replaced with far superior biscuit options. Or that digestives are fine, but something else is better. [Metro]

Image: Adam Wyles/Flickr

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