Cadbury's Pulled Fudge From its Selection Boxes, and People are Outraged

By Tom Pritchard on at

Change happens but people will always resist it, being the dumb panicking apes that we are. Sometimes that resistance will be an obvious pre-planned stunt, like how Walkers claimed it might get rid of a classic flavour "forever". Sometimes it's just something that had to be done. Whatever the reason, though, Cadbury has pulled the Fudge bar from its selection boxes, and people are fuming.

The classic Cadbury bar is being replaced by Oreo Dairy Milk, leading some people to go off on one and declare that Christmas is ruined because of it. Which is stupid, because everyone knows Christmas was already ruined by Charlie Brooker and his voluntary cancellation of 2017 Wipe.

Other clichéd phrase thrown around include "war on Christmas", "absolute disgrace", and the classic Britishism "that's not on". One Twitter user even declared a "revolution against this chocolate tyranny", which is actually pretty clever.

So is this a publicity stunt, like the time the Creme Egg recipe was changed, or is it Cadbury finally realising that Fudge is pretty rubbish? Because let's be honest, Fudge bars are really quite shit.

Who knows really, and we'll probably have to wait a year before we find out what the company's plans are for the future of selection boxes. The box still has Dairy Milk, Buttons, a Double Decker, a Crunchie, and a Wispa bar, all of which are far better than Fudge could ever hope to be.

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