Cafe Will Make Your Face in Coffee Froth

By Gary Cutlack on at

A London cafe has come up with an idea to please the ever-growing demographic of people who like looking at themselves and also like drinking coffee -- putting the face of the buyer on the top of the drink in froth art. What happened to hating how you look and tea?

They've come up with a word for this that makes us sick-up coffee-tasting slime; the "selfieccino." The Tea Terrace in the Oxford Street branch of House of Fraser is offering the extremely boutique drinks, which require buyers to submit a headshot via an app, then wait for a few extra minutes while the barista loads it into the machine and it somehow magically prints it out atop the drink using food colouring jets to replicate the colours of froth patterns.

There is a premium to be paid for the privilege of drinking your face off, with the coffees or hot chocolates produced this way costing an only-in-London price of £5.75. The owner of the Tea Terrace explained: "Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted. It's not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service — it’s got to be Instagram worthy." [Reuters]