Dangerous Christmas Tree Cordoned Off

By Gary Cutlack on at

Parents and children within the Derby area have been warned of a potentially dangerous Christmas tree in the city centre, with the tree causing such a potential health and safety menace that it's been cordoned off by the local council.

Hence the image above of a particularly grim and Dickensian festive scene of extreme austerity, showing the potentially hazardous tree within its safe exclusion zone. There's no indication as to the cause of the danger, as Derby council only explained: "...our number one priority remains to be public safety, which is why these barriers are in place -- to enable people to view the tree at a safe distance."

It's not particularly big, it probably wouldn't really hurt if it fell on someone. The paving slabs around it appear to be even. Maybe there's a rabid squirrel up it and they don't want to trigger a public panic until after it's been captured and destroyed? [BBC]