Did Elon Musk Tweet Out his Phone Number, or Was he Messing With Us?

By Tom Pritchard on at

Elon Musk, who is currently the top candidate for #1 privately-funded supervillain, is well known for lots of reasons. Electric cars, trips to Mars, and literal boring machines. He also has 16.7 million Twitter followers, and seemingly have them a glimpse of his phone number yesterday.

A now deleted tweet shows Musk sending a phone number to Oculus CTO (and Doom co-creator) John Carmack, in what was clearly meant to be a private message. With 16.7 million followers it was obviously screenshotted much faster than it could be deleted, and it didn't take long for people to start calling to see of Ol' Musky would pick up.

It's obvious that he did not, but what people didn't expect to hear was the voice of David Jaffe, aka Kratos from the God of War trilogy. The first game is notable for hiding a phone number as an easter egg, and if fans rung it they'd be able to hear a special message from Kratos himself. That same message was apparently Elon's voicemail message.

According to Jalopnik the number wasn't blocked, and public record confirmed that it is associated with Musk. So the question I have is whether he did it on purpose to mess with people, or if he decided to make the most out of a bad situation and change his voicemail to mess with the many callers he was going to end up getting.

Jalopnik also texted the number asking for some updates on the Tesla Model 3 and the recently announced electric semi-truck, but have yet to hear back. I imagine Musk's phone is currently drowning in texts and voicemail messages right now, so he isn't likely to respond anytime soon. Knowing the internet as a whole, I imagine his phone now has more cock pictures than your average porn site.

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