DJI's Introducing a Knowledge Test for Drone Users in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

With the government ready to implement new rules on drone flight, and the CAA warning drones are going to be rather popular gifts this Christmas, DJI is launching a brand new knowledge test for all UK users who buy one of its products. To make sure they know what they're doing.

The DJI Knowledge Test will require all first time users to correctly answer a series of basic questions about drone use. It follows a similar quiz launched in the US earlier this year, which received the support of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). The quiz is also likely to launch in other countries, though each version will be different based on local rules and guidelines.

The questions will appear in the DJI GO 4 flight app, and if you don't answer them you won't be able to take off. If you can't take off, well you just wasted your money on a flying machine that won't fly. There will be eight questions to answer, and you'll need to get them all right before you can take off. There's no limit on how may times you can answer them, though, meaning you can keep cycling through again and again until you get all the answers right.

Christian Struwe, Head of European Public Policy at DJI said:

“The vast majority of drone pilots fly safely and responsibly, but with drone usage bound to increase substantially in the coming years, new enthusiasts will use our technology. Governments, aviation authorities and drone manufacturers agree that we need to work together to ensure that all drone pilots know basic safety rules”.

The quiz is the latest feature DJI has implemented to ensure people can fly drones responsibly and safely. The company pioneered geofencing technology to keep drones out of restricted airspace (with eventual live updates), installed intelligent battery monitoring tech to watch out for potential malfunctions before taking off, flight simulators, and more.

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