EE Wants to be the Network You Leave Your Kids With

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile network EE has teamed up with a thing called Internet Matters to teach both parents and kids about mobile technology safety, and is hoping this is enough to supercharge the sales of iPhones and SIMs for kids this year.

The gist of it seems to be to encourage parents to have a think about parental settings and content age gates before handing over a magic attention-absorbing portal they'll look at for the rest of their lives, with Internet Matters also trying to encourage open debate about the perils of internet bullying in this age when having the wrong fringe on Instagram is enough to get teens ostracised from society.

200 EE shops are handing out Christmas wrapping paper with internet safety tips on it (?), a particularly non-festive way of telling your child, even as it's unwrapping its new device, that daddy is going to be watching every bloody thing you do on it until you're at least 21. [EE]

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