Euston Station WIll Serve Dinners to the Homeless on Christmas Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Something even more exotic than baguettes is set to be served to a select crowd at Euston Station this Christmas Day, as the station is being transformed into a shelter for the homeless for the afternoon, seeing as it'll be closed to paying rail customers on the big day anyway.

Network Rail and its partners at charities St Mungo's and Streets Kitchen have somehow cherrypicked 200 local homeless people and and invited them to come to Euston for a Christmas dinner, where they will be grateful for a warm meal and also disappointed at the quality of the gifts and jokes inside the crackers.

The rail infrastructure giant is using this announcement to let everyone know that lots of its maintenance workers will be out there on Christmas day as well, with track team manager Steve Naybour saying: "Working on Christmas Day is pretty much par for the course for many of us who work for Network Rail but this year, because I wasn’t scheduled to work, myself and a handful of colleagues came up with this plan to feed some of London’s homeless instead."

It also means British Transport Police are having to get some people in on Christmas day too, but they'll probably get the leftover potatoes so won't mind. [Network Rail via Ian Visits]

Image credit: Wikipedia