Facebook Will Now Let You Block Mark Zuckerberg's Shtoile

By Tom Pritchard on at

Facebook has many irritating features, but one of the most infamous was the fact that it wouldn't let you block Mark Zuckerberg. To the point where there was an entire episode of South Park dedicated to it. But The Next Web's Matt Navarra spotted that this has changed.

In the past attempting to block Zuckerberg prompted an error message saying 'Block Error. Sorry, there was a problem blocking Mark Zuckerberg. Please try again.' Now it's gone, so if you want to block Mark Zuckerberg, along with his poor sound effects and badly dubbed robot voice, you can.

Facebook always maintained that Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO and co-founder, wasn't receiving preferential treatment, but the fact that he couldn't be blocked by anyone was always a bit suspicious. He was like Tom from MySpace, except nobody likes him or considers him ironically cool. Instead the company insisted the error message appears whenever large numbers of people try to block the same person.

If you try and block Zuckerberg, Facebook will do what it always does and try to talk you out of it. Asking if you're really sure, informing you of all the things he won't be able to do to your profile while blocked, and asking if you'd prefer to 'take a break' from him instead.

But if you must go through with it, the site will actually let you add it's co-founder to your block list. Proving once and for all that Zuckerberg's shtoile is not as invulnerable as he might think. [Independent]

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