Famous Walls Agree to Work Together

By Gary Cutlack on at

Walls have had a bit of a bad time of it of late, thanks in part to that American monster wanting to build one to keep people apart. But over here and in China work is underway to rebuild the reputation of the popular stone-based construction, with two of the world's best walls agreeing to work together.

This ludicrous news story that someone should've said "no" to is due to the government announcing that Hadrian's Wall — or whoever has power of attorney over it at the moment — has signed an international cooperation agreement with the Great Wall of China. Given that they will almost certainly never meet, not unless a bit of each is chipped off and exchanged, it's quite a touching development.

Managers from both wall sites will come together to talk about the problems "managing large and complex archaeological remains," trading stories about the prices scaffolders charge, the difficulty of stopping people falling off, and no doubt having the odd quiet moan about the difficulty of providing wheelchair accessibility when they think no one's listening.

Amazingly, the government points out that this deal is the first of its kind, which is extraordinary when you think how many walls there are and have been. [GOV]

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